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Review on topic the Titanic


Movie Review: Titanic

White Cruise Ship on Blue Body of Water during Daytime

  • One of my favorite films is Titanic. I`m a great fan of romantic movies and I`m very keen on the history of the tragic Titanic. The movie tells the dramatic story of the Titanic with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet as the main actors.
  • In the year 1912 a young poor guy, Leonardo, travels by the gorgeous ship Titanic from London to New York with a big dream. On board he meets a fabulous, wealthy girl, Kate Winslet. He fells in love with her as soon as he sees this gorgeous girl. However, after a few days the ship hits an enormous iceberg and the tragedy begins to unfold. The Titanic starts sinking…
  • The movie is very close to the real tragedy. It shows a beautiful love story with an extremely sad ending. The acting is first-rate. Leonardo Di Caprio`s and Kate Winslet`s performance is so brilliant that I cried during the whole movie.
  • This movie brings a tear to your eyes. If you want to cry and melt down to a glamorous love story, I strongly recommend that you watch this movie. Titanic is well worth seeing.
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