Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Really Interesting Questions – Spark fun, unexpected conversations.


One of the easiest ways to appear interesting (and to actually be interesting) is to ask interesting questions.

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When you have interesting questions to ask people, you show not only that you think interesting thoughts, but you are also engaged in what others are thinking about.

That’s why it’s all about having the right questions to ask. If you have interesting questions to ask someone, you also get them interested in you and what you have to say.

If you don’t have time to browse and just need a few of the best interesting questions right away, take any of these and enjoy the results instantly.

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Here are the 12 best interesting questions:

1. Would You Rather Be In A Real-Life Version Of The Walking Dead Or A Real-Life Version Of Game Of Thrones?

Choose your awful, hopeless landscape to try to survive in!

2. Would You Rather Have Batman’s Skills, Money, Equipment, And Lifestyle Or End Crime Around The World For Good But Be Poor And Unnoticed?

A fun way to discuss the reasons we do good things.

3. How Long Would You Last In A Zombie Apocalypse?

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a survivor, but this requires a serious look at your prospects.

4. What “Old Person” Things Do You Do?

Bond over your enjoyment of puzzles and eating dinner in the middle of the afternoon.

5. What Did You Think Was Cool Then, When You Were Young But Isn’t Cool Now?

The opposite of the interesting question above: discuss your youthful embarrassments.

6. If You Could Know The Absolute And Total Truth To One Question, What Question Would You Ask?

Find out what question really plagues people.

7. What Is The Most Unprofessional Thing You’ve Seen Someone Do?

A great interesting question to ask to colleagues.

8. You Are About To Get Into A Fight, What Song Comes On As Your Soundtrack?

Discover everyone’s pump-me-up song.

9. What Is Something That Most People Learn Only After It’s Too Late?

little more philosophical, and a great way to start sharing life experience.

10. What Is The Best Way The 1% Could Spend Their Money?

This interesting question allows you to get just a little political without offending anyone.

11. How Many Friends Do You Have On Facebook And How Many Actually Mean Something To You?

Discuss lost friends and what friendship means in the Facebook-era.

12. If You Could Ask Advice From Any Historical Figure, Who Would It Be? What Would You Ask Them?

Do they need Napoleon’s help on business takeovers or Picasso to help find inspiration?

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