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In Mahabharata, if Pandu's grandsons participated in war, then how old was Bhishma?


Lets start from the beginning. When Ganga returned with Devavrata (Bhishma) to King Shantanu he was 25 years of age. Then Shantanu married to Satyavati and had 2 sons at that time Bhishma age would be near 30 approx.

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Later when Vichitravirya became king after 25 years Bhishma age would be 55 approx. And then Vichitrayvirya died and he had 3 sons 2 from the daughter of the King of Kashi( now Varanasi) and one from the maid. Later when Pandu became the King at the age of 25 the age of Bhishma would be 80 years old. Then Pandu went for exile and he was in exile for fifteen years till he died there and the Pandavas returned to Hastinapur. Then the age of Bhishma would be 95 years of old.

Later all the Pandavas and Kauravas gone for Gurukul at Dronacharya ashram and learned warfare and ruling skills from him for nearly fifteen years and returned to Hastinapur the Pandavas would be ageing nearly 30 years and age of Bhishma would be 110.

After returning to Hastinapur Pandavas lived for some years in Hastinapur lets take for 5 years and then they gone to Lakshagrih from where they gone to exile again for more than 10 years so taking this to consideration the age of Pandavas would be 45–50 years and age of Bhishma would be 125 years.

Then again returned to Hastinapur with their wife Draupadi and asked for their heritage the throne of Hastinapur, they were told to get a part of Hastinapur as a division between Kauravas and Pandavas. Pandavas took the Khandavprastha as their capital and renamed it as Indraprastha(now Delhi) and ruled there for some 20 years and Yudhisthir became the Chakravartin Samrat of India. So that time the age of Pandav would be 70 years approx and Bhishma would be 145 years of age.

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Later they played the game of Dice and gone for exile for 13 years and then 1 year of war preparations they must be at age of 85–90 years and Bhisma would be nearly 160 approx

So at the time of Mahabharat, the age of Bhishma would be 160 nearly and the Pandavas age would be 85–90 which would be the age of Kauravas also and the uppandavas( the children of Draupadi from each husband) was 11–15 years and the age of Abhimanyu was 16 years.

According to Sanatan Dharma ( I can't exactly mention the source), a person has an average life span of 120 years.. So, in this case, Bhishma's age is not a strange part and besides he has got the boon to die as his wishes which became a bane for him as the day of the Kurukshetra war advanced.. And we can't think it in our current backdrop.. We have to rewind our mind 5000 years (may be more than that) back.

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